Burgunderstrasse 13

Object Apartment building (listed monument) and rear building with lofts
Program Renovation of apartment building and new rear building with lofts and bathing pond.
Location Burgunderstrasse 13, Basel
Realization 2010 - 2011

The stately two-family house was built in 1890 together with the office and workshop building in the rear by architect Heinrich Tamm for his own use. Stylistically, it embodies the eclectic direction of historicism. In the existing building at Burgunderstrasse 13, four apartments have been realized in close cooperation with the monument protection department. Two apartments are located in the front building and two lofts have been created in the rear building. The historic building fabric was preserved as far as possible in order to maintain the special character of the rooms.

The courtyard building was rebuilt with the exception of the existing load-bearing walls and the head building with basement and five brick pillars and now houses two spacious lofts with a wooden veranda.